H5P Guess the answer animals in a Column

I previously posted about using H5P to create a ‘Guess the animals’ Quiz for my daughters – using Flashcards and a Quiz.

This month I’m sharing another version – which is created using the H5P Guess the Answer content type, within an H5P Column content type.

My criteria for building this content is:

  • Must work well on a mobile phone – these are game I play while out and about with my children.
  • Have high quality images (the free Apps I found previously have really poor animal photos)
  • Feature simple learning opportunities through pop-up tips, help text etc.
  • Be really easy to use, navigate and read for children – my target audience initially being my daughters aged 4 and 6
  • Must be fun!

My first example used H5P Flashcards, and it worked quite well, and my second was simple Quiz (just two options each time) and randomised.

So next I’ve tried the same questions, but using the H5P Guess the Answer within a Column, to create a single resource..

Small point, but it’s worth editing the language – here I changed the button text to a very simple “Show the answer” which seems appropriate for younger learners.

One thing worth noting, as I got to 20 items, was how slow it became using 3G/4G connection. The images I used in other example are not huge, all sized to 800×600. But in a Column, the page loads all these images, which is a fair bit of data for a slow mobile connection.

So, I would advise if you take this approach, size images down. Here I’ve sized all images down to 400×300, and optimised a little (e.g. small amount of .jpg compression) which definitely makes a difference πŸ™‚

As with the Flashcards I’ve attributed everything correctly, so if you want to share and use this content in any way please do! Β Send feedback on typing mistakes or any other type of improvement – just let me know and I’ll update πŸ™‚

Note that this H5P type does not allow for randomisation, which the H5P Quiz (Question Set) does.

But here you go – feel free to share and use πŸ™‚

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