Meet ElearningWorld contributor Paula

Another opportunity to find out a little more about one of the ElearningWorld contributors.

Paula is a ‘retired teacher’ based in the USA (although she always seems so busy it’s difficult to quite see how retirement applies to her! lol)

She has thirty-two years experience in education, and specifically ten years using with Moodle K-12, and also at college levels.

Paula is what we like to describe as a true teacher – her focus is always strongly on the learners, and the learning, and not just the technology.

That said, Paula is also a stunning example of how older teachers do not need to feel left behind by technology, and can embrace and use it at any age. In reality, combining a love of technology, with such a wealth of experience, can only make for an even better teacher eh?

Check out her Twitter feed: 

Or what about her iMoot presentation on inspiring ways to use the Moodle Quiz – you will likely learn something new!


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