ElearningWorld.org is a website (and app) designed for professionals interested in Moodle and e-learning.

Key parts of the project are:

  • More than a dozen world-class staff writers – each with their own areas of expertise and interest.
  • Mobile friendly design with responsive website and super fast navigation.
  • E-learning jobs board (anyone can post and respond to jobs entirely free).
  • A linked Academy site using Moodle and many enhancements providing  zero up-front hosting for commercial learning courses.
  • A free Mobile App (available for iOS and Android) supporting most website features and push notifications, so you never miss a post.

The ElearningWorld.org project is still relatively new, and developing quickly, so expect to see development over the coming months 🙂

If you have ideas about how to make the site even better, suggestions for new features, feedback of any kind, or would like to help in some way, please contact admin[AT]hrdnz.com 🙂

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