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Mobile learning, Gamification, Assessment, Instructional design, SCORM, Storytelling, web-conferencing, …other ???  Email stuart[AT]

The current staff writers and consultants at are:

Stuart Mealor

Stuart Mealor, UK ex-pat living in New Zealand for 15 years, writes about Moodle, hosting, e-learning strategy, and business development.



Tabitha Parker

Kiwi Tabitha Parker writes about Moodle, instructional design, primary and secondary education, and FOSS in New Zealand.



Miriam Laidlaw

German native Miriam Laidlaw writes about Moodle, Totara, UI/UX, games and gamification, and instructional design.



Justin HuntLocated in Japan, Justin Hunt writes about PoodLL (his own project), and Moodle development in general.



John AllanJohn Allen is a Canadian ex-pat living in Qatar, and writes about learning object development, and practical tools and applications for the blended teaching/ learning environment.



Gareth Barnard

UK based Gareth Barnard writes about Moodle Themes and Moodle plugin development.




Anna Krassa

Anna Krassa writes about Moodle (she is a Gradebook guru), FOSS including Ubuntu in Greece, course design and management.



Richard Jones

Richard Jones writes about SCORM, Articulate, Moodle, Google classroom, and using e-learning in schools in Australia and New Zealand.



Miranda Verswijvelen

Originally from Belgium, Miranda Verswijvelen writes about design and development of story-based learning interactions, and engaging scenario-learning games.



Ian WildIan Wilde is a UK based experienced software developer, solutions architect, author and educator in the Maths and Science area.



MaryelMaryel Mendiola is professor of e-learning at University in Mexico and writes on e-learning and pedagogy.



Jean-Marc DoucetJean-Marc Doucet lives in Limoges, France, and writes on Moodle, technology, and project management.



Paula CoughPaula Clough is a US ‘retired teacher’ having taught everything from Pre-school through 8th grade and college courses.



Jane Shaw

Jane Shaw is a New Zealand teacher and educator writing on pedagogy and e-learning for adult learners.

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