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MoodleBites online courses

MoodleBites online courses are one of our longest-running projects and has constantly evolved over the years.

Originally created back in 2006, when we first became a certified Moodle Partner as a way of reaching people we couldn’t provider onsite training for, we quickly realised there was huge international demand for really high-quality Moodle training courses.

Although there are many free resources, YouTube movies, blogs and reviews, many of these are to be honest of fairly low quality.  Many are just opinion pieces, many movies are low quality and amateurish, and even some of the commercial courses are over-priced and under-deliver.

Our MoodleBites for Teachers course was always regarded as the flagship course, and we made a determined effort to aim high, and make this the BEST course available, anywhere.

  • 100% online
  • Tested by facilitators who speak English as a second or other language, so we know the content is clearly written and presented and is accessible for non native English speakers
  • Every course facilitated and supported by an experienced Moodle guru

Over the years the MoodleBites range of online course have expanded, and now includes (each course title is linked to the official course outline):

  • MoodleBites for Teachers – the essential starting point – and even teachers who have used Moodle for years say “I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in this course!”
  • MoodleBites for Course Designers – this was created to “take people further” – beyond the basics of mastering Moodle, and to start using Moodle as the centre of the online experience, but also integrating approaches and even content from outside of Moodle.  The focus is on helping participants create truly outstanding courses for their learners.
  • MoodleBites Mobile Moodle – created for experience Moodle users, who want to understand how to create courses for mobile devices, or both desktop and mobile, and also use the Moodle Mobile App effectively in their teaching.
  • MoodleBites for Administrators – this is the essential course for any Moodle administrator – covering all the day-to-day concerns for Moodle administrators from site set-up through to managing users.
  • MoodleBites Server Administrator – is for those people who are running a Moodle site, and need to understand how the server, upgrades, services, security and everything else need to be managed for a production Moodle site.

There are also a range of specialised courses:

  • MoodleBites MySQL Reporting – an introduction to Moodle and MySQL for those who want to create and develop custom MySQL queries and reports from Moodle data.
  • MoodleBites Theme Design – for administrators who want to craft beautiful and usable Themes for their Moodle site.
  • MoodleBites for Developers (Level 1) and (Level 2) – for people who want to understand the Moodle development process, how to start developing new blocks, modules, features and functions.

The MoodleBites project is important to us.

Revenue from these course represents approximately 25% of our Moodle related work – so it’s no surprise we put so much effort into them!

Even so, we publish many of the movies used in these courses free for anyone to access – because we know not everyone in the world can afford a commercial course 🙂 You can view many of the movies on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/HRDNZMoodlePartner/featured


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