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Discount on 3 technical Moodle courses

On the first day of each month we have a special promotion / discount on specific MoodleBites courses…

This month we have three discounts available on technical level courses !

This month we have a discount of for the MoodleBites Server Administrator course ($750 down to $599).

The MoodleBites Server Administrator course is 8 weeks in duration, and is designed for those who wish to run their own Moodle server and site.

Full course outline

We also have a discount of 25% from the MoodleBites Theme Design Level 1 course ($399 down to $299).

The MoodleBites Theme Design Level 1 course is for those who want to learn how to tweak and develop a unique Theme for their Moodle site.

Full course outline

Finally, a discount of 25% from the MoodleBites SQL Reporting course ($399 down to $299).

The MoodleBites SQL Reporting course is for those who want to learn how to write their own queries and report to extract data from the Module site and database.

Full course outline

Conditions of this offer are:

  • You must register for the course(s) within 7 days of this offer

Look out for another special discount on a different course next month!

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