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H5P.com accessibility improvements

Many accessibility improvements released on H5P.com December 2022…

  • Multiple Choice: Feedback after show solution / check (HFP-3554)
  • True/False: Fix too low color ratio for focus effect on radio buttons
  • Dialog cards: Fix aria-live being hidden
  • Interactive Book: Improve a11y for hamburger menu (HFP-3598)
  • Fix unresponsive attemptsbar
  • Fix contrast ratio on focus effect on submit button on popups
  • Course Presentation:
  • Fix contrast for circles and star in navigation bar. Also fix contrast for focus effect on footer buttons (HFP-3533)
  • Accessible tooltip (HFP-3548)
  • Add Outline to focused wrapper (HFP-3544)
  • Using correct aria attributes for carousel (HFP-3547)
  • Missing accessible name for elements (HFP-3556)
  • Enable screen reader browse mode (HFP-3577)
  • Fix accessibility issues for popups (HFP-3586/3573)
  • Move navigation bar above slides in taborder (HFP-3583)
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