H5P.com update in January 2022

Quite a few interesting improvements in this upgrade, including:

Quite a few interesting improvements in this upgrade, including:


  • For long interactive videos, Course Presentations with many slides or Quizzes with many questions it may be super useful to let learners save their answers and progress.
  • Authors may now decide to enable autosave for their content so that if a learner logs off the learner won’t have to start from scratch when logging in again.

This is a HUGE improvement in behaviour – and the lack of this functionality has held back ado[tion of H5P for many teachers …. or been an unpleasant surprise when they encounter this after building sophisticated content.

HOWEVER… the requirements are important to recognise !


  • The learner must be using the content via LTI

Extra reporting is required since we are storing student data for this

More info:


Note that if the author edits the content all saved progress for all students will be lost since the saved state may not be compatible with the changes to the content.

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