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Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions

The Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions (PASAI) is the official association of supreme audit institutions (SAIs) in the Pacific region. PASAI is one of the regional working groups belonging to the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI).

PASAI promotes transparent, accountable, effective, and efficient use of public sector resources in the Pacific. It contributes to that goal by helping its member SAIs improve the quality of public sector auditing in the Pacific to recognised high standards.


In 2020 PASIA moved to HRDNZ (certified Moodle Partner in Asia-Pacific since 2006) for hosting and support, and established their Moodle site for online learning – https://elearning.pasai.org

Since partnering with HRDNZ PASAI has been able to transform their previous face-to-face courses to blended learning and completely online learning options, creating greater flexibility and cost savings for the organisation, and supporting the strategic aims:

PASAI intends to improve transparency and accountability in managing and using public resources in Pacific Island countries. Specifically, PASAI will organise and provide programmes that will (i) enable the public accounts of countries in the Pacific region to be audited in a timely manner to recognised high standards; (ii) enhance the impact of audit findings and assist with performance audits, and (iii) raise the capability of SAIs.

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