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ElearningWorld writers are so different…

ElearningWorld writers represent hugely diverse sectors of the e-learning spectrum.

One of the reasons we have such a wide range of articles on ElearningWorld is that our staff writers have such rich and diverse backgrounds…

  • All are ‘teachers’ in the broadest sense of the world – although some have more experience in schools (John, Gareth, Richard, Eduardo), others in the University sector (Ruth, Scott, Stuart, Tabitha), and others in the commercial sector (Ruth, Ben, Tish, Anna, Catherine).
  • Some of our writers operate in a freelance / contract / project type environment – Gareth, Richard, Stuart, and others employed full-time by organisations as varied as Healthcare, Consultants, tech companies, and TAFE.
  • Cultures and languages are also varied – from Europe (Ruth, Anna, Stuart), Asia-Pacific (Tish, Scott, Tabitha), and America / Canada (Ben, Eduardo, John).
  • Technical and non-technical focus – Ben, Gareth, Richard, Stuart, Catherine are all tech geeks (in the nicest sense of the word!) whilst others put ‘teaching and learning’ at the top of their list (Anna, Tabitha, John, Eduardo).
  • Ultimately it’s the combination of all the above factors that result in ElearningWorld having such variety, with ‘EdTech’ (Educational Technology) being the single factor that unites everyone.

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