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Filtering Assignments

In our previous article (https://www.elearningworld.org/filtering-participants/) we looked at the filtering of participants within Moodle. In this article we examine how a teacher can filter on assignments.

Why filter assignments?

Filtering assignments can be a good way to productively complete your marking and to keep track of your students’ submissions. Reduce the time spent looking for specific users, focus on marking the work of a specific group or drill down to the users that have yet to submit their assignments.


The examples used in these articles come from the Mount Orange School Moodle Demo (https://school.moodledemo.net). Not all options may be available in your own Moodle site. Some may look different or be located in different places. For this article we will focus on using filtering as a teacher.

Filtering assignments

You first need to enter the course which you are interested in. From there, enter the Assignment page. You can filter the groups to view only a specific group from the Separate groups filter.

You can filter based on the first letter of a student’s first or last name to search for a given student. Click on the letter you wish to filter on.

You can also filter on the status of the assessment. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Filter box and select a filter.

Filtering scenarios

Using filtering on the assignment page can be a really useful tool for a number of different workflows. What situations could you apply filtering of assignments to? Try and jot some down before reviewing the following list of possible use cases:

  • Marking the work of a specific group or tracking their progress through the assignment
  • Identifying students that have not yet submitted the assignment so you can prompt them to complete it
  • Looking for students that have their assessment as a Draft – sometimes these students do not realise they have not yet submitted the assignment and so may need some prompting
  • Quickly finding the assignments that require grading
  • To be able to select users that require grading and, by selecting Download selected submissions from the With selected… menu, download their assignments to allow you to review them
  • Viewing the status of a specific user by selecting their first and last name initials.

Using filtering on the assignments page allows you to quickly identify the students or assignment statuses that you are interested in and is especially useful when working with a large group of students. Try one or more of these filtering options the next time you are working within the assignments page.

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  • That’s a really useful post Jeff 🙂
    I often see teachers with large classes, scrolling around in the Assignments far too much, instead of filtering!


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