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H5P Memory Game

Another H5P content type example – this month the Memory Game

If you have been following my examples of H5P content types you will know I’m creating these for my daughters (ages 4 and 6) to see how much fin they think they are.

It’s a challenging but very honest audience!

In this post I’m sharing a Memory Game, based around the easier Guess the Animals resources as a Quiz, Flashcards, Dialog Cards, and so on.

The Memory Game is very simple to setup – you just needs some images, and completely optionally some sounds.

I created 20 square images of animals, and basically you upload these as pairs. You have basic control over how many pairs you want the user to find, and can add audio as I’ve done here. You can also add a message for each pair when successful.

There are basic controls over the colour scheme, and you can upload an image to use as the ‘back’ of the card. I added a question mark as that seemed quite nice.

As with all content I share here, this is all created using Creative Commons material, and referenced appropriately in the copyright information. So you can link to or embed this content without breaking any copyright 🙂

Have a go !

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