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Helping make a difference with Moodle

I am trying to help make a difference with Moodle. Here in Israel, as elsewhere I guess, ever since COVID-19 entered our lives, education officials, teachers, and others have understood that there is a need for an LMS to supplement (or complement) the learning done via Zoom, or similar tools. As for me, being a Moodle enthusiast (well, more than that, actually), I have been trying to help colleagues realize the potential of the Moodle platform.

Lots of people in Education in Israel are trying out Digital tools, Learning Management Environments, and all sorts of innovative ideas which, I guess, work and bring a positive change in the way we teach and pupils learn. While nothing can come instead of us, teachers and pupils, attending school physically and meeting in a school framework (in the classroom, on school trips, or on any other educational outdoor activity), now, for me, is the time to push for Moodle. When Coronavirus is over, I hope we do not go back to teaching Face to Face simply leaving behind all that we have learned over the last year.

When we get back to some sort of normal times and can attend school, many teachers will have experienced using an LMS. I would like many of my colleagues to give Moodle a try. In other words, I would like to help colleagues in Israel learn to use Moodle as teachers. This Smore newsletter is one of the means I have used to invite colleagues to join the latest national Professional Development fully online Moodle course For JHS and HS teachers of English! https://www.smore.com/63vjh

I have been lucky: Enjoying the support of Dr. Tziona Levy, Chief inspector of English language education in Israel, I have the opportunity to collaborate with different people to advance the use of Moodle for teaching English in Junior High School and High School. Currently, I am facilitating two Hands-on Moodle Workshops for teachers of English I developed, roughly along the lines of Learn Moodle courses, yet focusing on how to teach English with Moodle. I am also collaborating in the creation of Moodle courses with content (let us call them “Templates”) so that they are posted on Ministry of Education webpages to enable teachers of English, but not only, to request copies to use with their pupils ( I hope some have an impact). In addition, collaborating with Education people in areas other than English, among other things I have developed and facilitated three Hands-On Moodle Workshops in Hebrew for teachers of three different Six-Year High schools in the country. There is more, and at the same time, I have gone on teaching at school and online, enjoying my family, and, yes!, just gone back to swimming in the pool now that swimming pools have reopened after many months for people who have taken the two COVID-19 vaccines (lucky me).

It sounds, and perhaps is, somehow crazy, but if, like me, you are a Moodle enthusiast, you understand me. I guess I am a member of the huge community of Moodlers from around the world. When all is said and done, that is something I am proud of. I’d rather be nuts about Moodle than bored.

Be well and healthy!

Eduardo Lina

Eduardo Lina

Born in Argentina, Eduardo has been living and working in Israel since 1979 - and he loves to use Moodle! Married to Susy, with two daughters: Gabriela and Maia, and three granddaughters (Sol, Dor, and Eliana), Eduardo is teaching English at school. Having completed with HRDNZ both MoodleBites for Teachers and the six MEC courses, Eduardo is a Moodle Certified Educator. He is a Certified Israel Ministry of Education Teachers’ teacher. He has developed and facilitated several Israel Ministry of Education's Spanish and English as a Foreign Language online workshops.

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