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Isolated due to COVID-19? Get 50% course discounts!

Turn a negative into a positive – with 50% course fees!

Like many others, we looked for ways to be positive in the current climate, and implemented a scheme to help a few people 🙂

Starting from now, and for the remainder of the year, we are discounting our two most popular online courses to HALF price !


We hope this might help people in all sorts of situations such as:

  • Parents who might now be staying at home for an extended period to look after children
  • Those who are in self isolation (either compulsory or by choice)
  • Teachers who are working from home under the forced school / college / university closures
  • People who are having reduced work hours (contractors, part-time staff, etc.)
  • Some people even lose their jobs – so it’s an opportunity to up-skill

The two courses applicable are:

  • MoodleBites for Teachers (US249 down to US$125) – this is the foundation course suitable for all teachers, trainers, and is a great course if you are very new to Moodle, or have been using it for a couple of years.
    • Start dates are 1st June, 1st August, 1st October
  • MoodleBites for Administrators (US499 down to US$250) – the essential course for anyone who is responsible for administering their Moodle site day-to-day to be more efficient, secure, and smart.
    • Start dates are 1st June, and 1st October

Please help spread the word about this scheme and link to this post !

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