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Monthly Poll – H5P plugin for Moodle

Do you know if you H5P is core or plugin ?

Possibly a Poll for Moodle administrators…

Are you using the H5P core functionality in Moodle, or the H5P plugin ?

Which H5P option are you using on your Moodle site ?

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3 thoughts on “Monthly Poll – H5P plugin for Moodle

  • Stuart Parkin

    We had both available to staff but the addition of the Core version seemed to confuse matters.Staff fed back that they found the process of creating activities using the core option to be illogical and back-to-front so we hid it from teachers for now.

  • Oleksiy Voychenko

    Why not to add just one more option: both core and plugin? This is my case 🙂

    • blank ElearningWorld Admin

      That’s a useful idea, thank you.
      We will update the Poll to reflect this possibility.

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