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Moodle Partners get new logo

The official logo for certified Moodle Partners has changed.

It’s the first change of logo since the Moodle Partner Certified Services Providers programme started back in 2004.

Official Moodle Partners are few and far between, with around just 80 currently spread around the world. These organisations are appointed based on their exceptional skills and experience with Moodle.

From https://moodle.com/about-partners/ 

Moodle Partners are services providers that are certified by Moodle HQ to provide high quality Moodle services for your school, institution or organisation’s online learning environments.

Typically, Moodle Partners are leading education technology companies who have years of experience with Moodle projects and the expertise to deliver high quality projects.

We have checked that their knowledge, services and solutions will work for you! Our global Partners network have been certified by us – hence they carry the badge of Moodle Partner Certified Services Providers.

Our Moodle Partners operate as an extension of Moodle HQ and provide local services and support which are distinctive to each region.

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