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Participant Reports

We have looked at various ways of extracting data on courses and students in this series of articles. Sometimes you want to dig deeper into the activities of a specific student. In this article we will look at two Moodle participant reports that can be used to track the progress of individual students: the outline and complete reports.

Why use participant reports?

We have seen a variety of tools and reports that allow you to view data on a range of students or courses. These reports allow you to aggregate data and get an overview of the current state of your courses and students completing them. Getting down to the level of an individual participant is a lot more time consuming and probably isn’t feasible to do for every student on a large course. So why would you want to view individual participant reports? Well, here are a few scenarios where they would be useful:

  • Checking the progress of students that are struggling
  • Completing a final review of a student’s participation before graduating them from the course
  • Checking the engagement of a student prior to meeting with them, such as for a review
  • Reviewing content – getting a feel for how often students return to various pages or lessons
  • Seeing if a student has viewed or engaged with most of the content or skipped large sections of it.

Accessing Participant Reports

Both of these reports are accessed from the profile of the student. You must access the student’s profile from the course in which you wish to view their participant data. The method for accessing the reports should be similar to the following, depending on how your Moodle site is set up:

  • In the course, navigate to the Participants section
  • Click on the name of the student you wish to view
  • Click on the More tab
  • Under Reports click on your desired report.

Outline Reports

The outline report gives you an overview of the student’s activity and status in each component of the course. It is broken down by section within the course and contains summary data for each course component. In the image below you can see different components such as pages, lessons and quizzes.

The report tells you the number of times the student viewed a given page and their status in a lesson. If the lesson is graded you can see their grade for it. You can also see the grade for quizzes. The date and time that they last accessed the training material is also shown.

Complete Reports

The complete report shows a similar view to the outline report but with greater detail. You can view the number of attempts at lessons, the number of pages viewed on each lesson attempt, and the number of questions answered (along with the number correctly answered). You can see the outcome for multiple quiz attempts. One handy addition with the complete report is that you can see each post a user has made to any forums that are in the course. This gives you a quick view of both their engagement in the forums and the quality of that engagement as you can see what they have written.

Moodle contains a number of handy reports for gauging the progress of students within a course. Here we have looked at the outline and complete reports. I encourage you to explore these reports and decide how they can help you to manage your students towards successful course completion.

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