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E-learning at the New Zealand Institute of Sport

Find out how Moodle is being used in the practical world of sports education!

It’s easy to see how e-learning and Moodle can be used for teaching some subjects that are theoretic in nature, but what about a really practical area such as sports education?

As their Moodle site now says:

Make your health and fitness dreams a reality with the NZIS Certificate in Personal Training part-time programme of study. Attend evening and weekend classes and use Moodle to take your learning further no matter where you are on desktop or Mobile.

This was another organisation that migrated to a hosting and support agreement with HRDNZ (certified Moodle Partner and solutions provider since 2006). Unhappy with the level of support and customer service aspects of their previous host, NZIS moved to Moodle with HRDNZ in 2018 and haven’t looked back since.

Courses available on their site include:

  • Certificate in Sport and Recreation
  • Certificate in Sport Studies
  • Certificate in Personal Training
  • Diploma in Sport Management and Exercise Prescription
  • Advanced Diploma in Advanced Sport Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Advanced Exercise Prescription

With a professional Theme, and a number of carefully chosen plugins, such as OneTopic display and Tabbed display, courses have a clean and professional appearance.

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