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Special discount on MoodleBites for Administrators online course

On the first day of each month we have a special one-time discount on a specific course…

This month we have a discount of 20% on the MoodleBites for Administrators course.

The MoodleBites for Administrators course is 8 weeks in duration, completely online and asynchronous, and is delivered in the latest stable Moodle environment (most of the content is appropriate for participants using earlier versions of Moodle). Each week contains approximately 2-4 hours work, although this varies depending on your experience administering Moodle and how much extension work you wish to complete šŸ™‚

Designed for people who are currently administering a Moodle site and want to ensure they are ‘administering Moodle effectively and efficiently‘, or new Moodle Administrators. This courseĀ has a focus on the practical administration of a Moodle site:

  • Week 1, Introduction to Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Week 2, Configuring Moodle
  • Week 3, Site organisation and setup
  • Week 4, Managing users
  • Week 5, Moodle Themes
  • Week 6, Reports, Logs, and security
  • Week 7, Installing and using plugins
  • Week 8, Moodle strategy and site optimisation

Conditions of this special offer are:

  • This discount is only available for the course starting on 1st October 2018
  • You must register for the course within 7 days of this offer (between 1st and 7th September 2018)
  • When completing the registration form you must use the code: OCT201820%
  • Invoice must be paid within 7 days using a Credit Card

The full course outline is availableĀ here

Watch out for another special discount on a specific course next month!

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