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Using Quizlet in a Language Classroom


Quizlet is a mobile and web based learning tool. As a language teacher, I like to use it for vocabulary (teaching/revision) and collaboration between classmates.

I like to use Quizlet in my language classes in conjunction with a textbook for:

  • introducing vocabulary
  • consolidating learning
  • collaboration

Students will need to download the free app to their own devices. As the teacher, I use the Quizlet website to control content and activities.

Introducing Vocabulary & Consolidating Learning

A coursebook’s unit often has a list of unit vocabulary at the back of the book or unit, but I usually go further and create my Quizlet vocabulary sets according to separate tasks within a unit. I may also include variations of words (e.g. the noun or the verb if we are focusing on word form) and words that I’ve noticed students struggle with.

This is my usual procedure (Quizlet terms are in italics):

Before class:

  1. select vocabulary (10 – 25 items) from an activity or small group of activities in the language coursebook
    • choose words from the task and the coursebook’s vocabulary list
    • keep the sets short (no more than 25 words)
    • choose ‘easier’ words as well as recently learned, hard, or unknown ones
    • always check if someone else has created a set from your coursebook, as you can copy and modify other lists using Quizlet
  2. create the set and place it in a folder

In class (introducing vocabulary):

  1. before the students open their coursebooks, move the set from a folder to a class
  2. Give the students the link to the class.
    • I usually copy the URL to a QR-code creator and project the code on a screen.
  3. give students a certain time frame (e.g. 6 minutes) to explore the set using any of the Quizlet activities
    • I use my own phone to time them.
  4. create a Quizlet Live game using either randomly assigned or student-selected teams
    • N.B. students need to sit next to their teammates
    • play each set at least twice
    • if you have the paid version, switch the term-definition order around for the second game

After class (consolidating learning):

  • students review sets
  • students create their own sets based on own

Later in the week:

  • Select words from the week’s vocabulary set and create a final list for an
    end-of-week Quizlet Live game.


I really like the way that the Quizlet Live feature includes all members of the class, as they must work together in teams to beat the other teams in their class. In my experience, every team member gets involved.

I also find that when first downloading and enrolling in Quizlet, I observe but leave the students to work it out for themselves, thus giving them opportunities to work collaboratively towards a goal using English. I am here if they need me, but generally I have found that they work it out for themselves.

You can view and reuse some of my sets here: https://quizlet.com/TishKirkland

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One thought on “Using Quizlet in a Language Classroom

  • blank ElearningWorld Admin

    Very interesting post Tish !
    I haven’t used Quizlet – but the Quilt Live feature to have team complete against each sounds like a lot of fun!
    Thanks so much for sharing the link to the example too – very good 🙂


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