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2020 eLearning & EdTech APAC Conference Calendar

Here’s a brief rundown on all the announced eLearning, education and edtech conferences for the Asia-Pacific region (especially Australia and New Zealand) for 2020. We will keep you updated with future posts as more conferences are announced or more details become available.

If I’ve missed a conference, please feel free to comment on this post, and we’ll include it in future updates. Or, if you want more global conferences added, let us know!

Upcoming Asia Pacific Moots…

MoodleMoot Japan 2020 will take place in Kumamoto at Sojo University on February 26 to 28. Yes, that’s tomorrow, so it’s probably too late if you’re not already registered. I’ll be attending in spirit by following the #mootjp20 hashtag.

MoodleMoot Australia 2020 will take place in Sydney on July 7 to 9. Not many details available yet, so keep checking the official site.

I’m not sure if San Francisco qualifies in your mind as “APAC”, but if you’re inclined to visit the City by the Bay, MoodleMoot US 2020 will be held there on September 22 to 24.

…and other Elearning/EdTech Conferences

The VET Policy and Compliance Summit 2020 will be held on March 9 to 11 in Sydney. This conference would be of interest to those in the vocational education sector.

The Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Conference will be held on March 17 & 18 in Sydney. This conference has some interesting workshops for learning designers.

The ACCE 2020 conference will be held in Melbourne on April 15 to 17. I don’t know much about this conference, but it’s for “those involved in the use of ICT in education”.

FLANZ – the Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand – will hold their biennial conference on April 22 & 23 in Wellington.

The AVETRA Conference 2020 will be held in Melbourne on April 23 & 24. AVETRA is the Australasian Vocational Education and Training Research Association.

The VDC Teaching & Learning Conference will be held on May 14 & 15 in Torquay, Victoria. This conference is focused on vocational education and training.

Velg Training’s VET CEO Conference will take place on May 15 in Gold Coast, Queensland.

EDIX, Japan’s largest IT trade show for the Educational Field will be held in Tokyo on May 20 to 22 and in Osaka on June 17 to 19.

EduTECH 2020, including EduBUILD 2020 and Learn@Work 2020, will be held in Sydney on June 2 & 3.

No Frills – The 29th National VET Research Conference, will be held in Perth on July 8 to 10.

TLC APAC 20 will be held from 25 to 27 of August in Cairns, Queensland. What’s TLC? It’s the annual Teaching and Learning Conference for Blackboard users. Blackboard? Yikes! Well, for the sake of completeness, I’m listing it here anyway.

The 12th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong has been rescheduled from March to September 11 & 12, with pre-conference workshops preceding the event.

Finally, the 2020 National VET Conference by Velg Training will be held in Gold Coast, Queensland on September 17 & 18.

Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay.

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  • We have just launched the VETTech 2020 Forum which is all about technology in the VET sector. 24-26 August in Brisbane.

  • blank ElearningWorld Admin

    Wow – there’s a lot happening !
    We wonder if the Coronavirus will have an effect on people travelling outside their region this year?

    • Great question! That 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong was originally scheduled for March but rescheduled, either because of COVID-19 or the ongoing civil unrest – or maybe both! There was another tech conference (Rise) for March that was cancelled late last year because of the unrest, so I’m glad that the 21st Century was only rescheduled.

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