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Moodle testing

Today, I’ll tell you how Frenchie Limouzi install the beta version of Moodle 2.7

When I read the tweet Helen


I just immediately wanted to participate in this experience.

It must be said that the test plans are some fundamental things in the quality of a project process. I emphasize this point with my students last year ( I teach project management and agile methods , especially Scrum in CS2i Limoges )

Did you know that the HQ uses the scrum method to produce the development of Moodle ? No?

So take a good look at of Michael de Raadt( I still thank you for agreeing to complete this educational video . It is true that Australia is less convenient for French

In short, to participate in tests I need a Moodle 2.7. Softaculus Usually I use to manage my installations on my shared servers .But then I’ll have to do it myself !

I tell you right now : I am not an expert in computer technology but everything is explained on Moodle.org

Already check if I have what it takes to run 2.7

Nothing like a chek -list to not forget anything :

  • MySQL 5.5.31 : OK ( system database )
  • PHP 5.4.4 : OK ( the programming language used by moodle )
  • Firefox: OK (my browser)
  • Filezilla : OK ( tool to download on my server )
  • WinRar : OK ( tool to unzip the zip file.)
  • Preparing the server :
    • creating a database = OK ( cPanel is useful for!)
    • creating folder /moodledata to the server root = OK
  • Moodle installation on the server:
    • I downloaded the moodle-latest.zip file on the desktop of my computer
    • I decompress in a folder / moodle-latest (right click) on my desk
    • I copy the folder /moodle in folder /html_public in the server
    • I have time to make me a coffee and enjoy wink
  • Launch moodle 2.7
    • in the address bar of my browser : http://moodle.mon-site.fr/install.php
    • I answer some questions like :
      • what is the name of the database
      • what is the data directory
      • etc …
    • It’s over : the 2.7 version of Moodle is installed !

I am now able to start testing and you too right ?

For the tests to be done must go to the Moodle Tracker

This is the Australian Jira software that is used for managing bugs thoughtful and also this is a great tool for scrum master but that’s another story ….

I’m off to test and I will speak in another adventure Frenchie Limouzi

Thanks to Peter K.Pierre K.

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One thought on “Moodle testing

  • I think this post is really good because it helps others see that you don’t have to be a server expert to help test Moodle – anyone who loves Moodle can contribute in this way (even if you are not the type of person who wants to write in Forums on Moodle.org). Testing is one of the most important ways anyone can contribute to the Moodle project, and help make it better with every new release 🙂


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