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Instructional design models

This Instructional Design Knowledge Base is a very useful reference site which compares various instructional design models and theories and provides links with pop ups to them all.

I’ve found this useful when talking to clients and instructional designers to get a quick update or refresher on different approaches (and unless you are a dedicated instructional designer you can’t remember them all!)

Reading about Skinner and Gagné took my back to my teacher training days !

If you are already familiar with some of these (or just short of time) then possibly the best links to relate to your Moodle courses are the ‘Implications for Instructional Design’ in the Constructivism/Interpretivism section towards the end of the page.


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One thought on “Instructional design models

  • I have done a presentation on Vygotsky (the pioneer) during my studies of adult trainer

    I also recommend the work of P.Carré three themes of teaching engineering, self-motivation and commitment to adult education. egg http://savoirs.u-paris10.fr/


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