A stunning H5P Christmas gift for all readers

How would you like the coolest ever interactive H5P guide free from ElearningWorld ?

I’ve been working on this for a few weeks, and it’s finally ready for initial release. So this is my H5P Christmas present to all the H5P users around the world and everyone who follows ElearningWorld !

It’s probably of most use for staff teachers, trainers, e-learning professionals etc., but I’m trying to make it genuinely useful for any teacher using H5P.

You can freely embed it within your own training materials, use it for face-to-face training sessions to introduce H5P content types and relationships, or … whatever you want !

This is version 1.0, so if you have ideas about how this can be further developed into something even more useful just let me know(?), and I’ll see what ideas and improvements I can integrate 🙂

Enjoy !

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Stuart Mealor

Stuart is interested in all things e-learning, with specific interests in Moodle, e-learning strategy, and business development. His experience in education over 30 years, MBA in International Business, and knowledge of e-learning systems implementation, together with graphic design background, give him a unique skill set for e-learning projects.

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