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Choices, Choices, Choices

I have enjoyed using clickers in the classroom to have students record choices, but have enjoyed using the Moodle Choice Module even more.I would like to share some ideas shared by  Moodle users on Moodle.org, at conferences and when brainstorming with coworkers for ways to get feedback or information from students or faculty.

The choice activity in Moodle can have only one question but one or several answers.  Answers can be anonymous or have the respondents name.  The results can be published after answering or downloaded as a spreadsheet or text files. Having a column showing who hasn’t yet answered is very helpful for following class progress.

Here are some of the ideas that I have seen or used that you might find helpful:

  • Task list to track progress on a project
  • Agreement or change in due dates have been read and understood.
  • Commitment to attend a scheduled activity or course
  • Choose which boxed lunch they will get on a long bus trip
  • Sign up for Groups/Activities
  • Short Snippets of Data
    • Which of the formats are you using in class? MP4 or Wmv?
    • Or introductions… a series of questions at beginning of course about characteristics of attendees
    • Download data in spreadsheet to allow students to use for research project for class
  • Quick Pre & Post Assessment of a vital concept
  • Video with question to check understanding or get feedback
  • Facilitate student decision-making, for example allowing students to vote on a direction for that course
  • Use images or audio to help younger children make the appropriate choices
  • Having faculty choose which one of possible performance choices their class will attend
Paula Clough
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Paula Clough

A "retired teacher". Thirty two years experience in Education. 10 years with Moodle in K-12 and college levels.

2 thoughts on “Choices, Choices, Choices

  • Anonymous

    Have to agree Paula – I’m constantly amazed at how many different ways the Choice activity can be used in Moodle – sometimes driven by a ‘need’ and at other times simply by the creativity of the teacher 🙂

    • Thanks. Feel free to add any other ideas you have seen that might be helpful to others.

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