Open Badges

Today , the Frenchie Limouzi received his “Moodle tester 2014” badge. !wink

I told you that I was involved in the testing phase of Moodle 2.7

Well to thank us, Moodle just assign this badge testers.

I do not know about you but I love this reward system and I find it very motivating!

The Mozilla Open Badge project is really ambitious and exciting!

Tell me if you also distribute badges to your learners?

If you also like to receive?

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Jean-Marc Doucet

I am a adult trainer in professional skills, e-learning project manager, technologist and pragmatic, living in France in Limoges. I provides training moodle in F2F too. I have 2 children my son is studying medicine and my daughter is a professional horse worker she is in the world of jumping. One falls and hurts and the other provides repairs wink I love the sea,the waves, sharks, deep wrecks and around my neck I have a piece of black coral from Sudan. I love sharing meals and local specialties, eating well is truly universal like Moodle ! - sorry McDonalds. I'm a Battlefield player on xbox :-)

One thought on “Open Badges

  • 4th June 2017 at 8:50 am

    Congratulations on getting an official Moodle Tester badge – testing Moodle is such an important part of Moodle, that anyone can help with 🙂

    Well, I hear you are presenting at the iMoot this year, so I’m sure you will get a few extra badges there !

    We use badges in our MoodleBites online Moodle training courses, and we set them up towards the end of 2013 for Teachers, Designers, and Administrators – they proved very popular.


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