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Do you listen to podcasts?

We are about to re-launch our ElearningWorld podcast…

Leading up to the relaunch of our ElearningWorld podcast we wonder how many people actually listen to podcasts, and how?

Do you listen to podcasts:

  • To relax, or help you sleep?
  • While travelling on the bus / train / car to work?
  • At the gym?
  • While gardening?
  • Other?

We are also wondering about the length of podcasts.

I listne to a great podcast called Stuff You Should Know, and they recently started a short stuff seres – just around 15 minutes each episode. I really like this format, as it means I don’t run out of time and have unfinished episode building up!

Do you think a shorter 15 minute type ElearningWorld podcast would work well for you?

Give us some feedback please!

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