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H5P’s Course Presentation feature

Following up on Stuart’s February 1st post, E-learning app of the month – H5P, I think I can help some of you out who are considering taking Stuart’s advice, H5P is “Definitely worth a look!”

I’ve been using H5P on various projects for a year now and have been pointing associates and keen educators towards H5P as a valuable solution to design and development of digital learning objects. H5P learning objects can be developed on the H5P site or within Moodle. This allows for some workflow flexibility.   H5P learning objects developed on the H5P site can be imported into Moodle as required.

After a lot of experimenting and discussion with peers, we have agreed that the Course Presentation feature is the our most valued tool.  Reasons for this include its intuitive end user navigation layout, the provision of an end of activity summary, the ability to create a complete learning module into one Course Presentation and a score of diverse content features.  Including the Course Presentation content type into Moodle allows a series of learning events to be reduced into one Moodle menu item.  This efficiency saves students time when searching for specific learning activities or resources.

A learning objects created with the Course Presentation feature can include:

  • a title slide
  • an orientation/instruction slide
  • an activity summary slide
  • hyperlinks
  • Twitter feeds
  • mixed media including video, audio, animation, images
  • interactive questioning activities
    • cloze (fill in the blanks)
    • multiple choice
    • single choice
    • true or false
    • drag and drop images
    • drag and drop text
    • select the best summary
    • mark the words
    • dialogue cards (flash cards)
    • Interactive video

If you wish to provide students with targeted, individual, activities within your Moodle course, then use one of the forty plus content types.  To familiarize yourself with H5P features you should have a look at the H5P  Examples and Downloads page.  If a step by step guide is required, you can try this activity to become familiar with H5P’s basic development ins and outs.  I have also made a step by step introduction to the Course Presentation.  Feel free to use and share it with your team. There is another H5P content type, Column, that allows developers to include several activities and resources in a single module.  This will be explored in a future post.




John Allan

John Allan

John is a Canadian who writes about learning object development and online facilitation from a teacher's perspective.

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