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Repurpose, reuse, recycle or customize H5P learning objects

Whatever you want to call it, the ability to repurpose an existing learning object saving, time, energy and money. The H5P Reuse feature allows educational developers to create more content with efficiency while adhering to institutional styles. It allows educators and developers the ability to build upon an existing H5P learning object. Learning objects can be sourced from external sources or in-house. In-house H5Ps that are reused are to save the developer time with a setting up an institutional template, a complex exemplary learning object or to generate similar H5Ps with slightly different content as in following a similar pattern to save time. In this post, a list of reasons to repurpose learning objects is offered, this is followed by the general steps to reusing an H5P learning objects and a detailed “How To” document to step teachers through this process.

Why repurpose?

There are several occasions when I reused an existing H5P learning objects. I am sure there are more. If you have this experience, it would be helpful to the community if you share it in the comments below.

  • changing the instructional language of the activity
  • changing the linguistic and or the academic level of the activity
  • customizing the content to regional or cultural norms
  • adapting an existing H5P exemplar from the internet
  • adopting an institutional style sheet
  • rearranging sequencing of the content
  • segmenting a larger learning object into smaller ones
  • inserting an existing H5P element into another , such as an H5P interactive video into an H5P Column
  • saving time/money/effort by tweaking an existing H5P
  • adopting and adapting innovative and or well designed H5P from open repositories
Steps for Repurposing an H5P Learning Object
  1. Locate and preview an H5P file
  2. If there is a Reuse button at the bottom, click on it
  3. Click on the Download as an .H5P file button
  4. Note the location of this downloaded file
  5. Change the name of the H5P File
  6. Open the renamed H5P file in an H5P editor
  7. Make alterations
  8. Save the revised H5P
Repurposing with Copy and Paste

To save a great deal of time on patterned or similar H5P learning elements, I use the copy and paste features to recycle and develop more efficiently. The H5P Copy and Paste & Replace features are available as buttons in the top right corner of many H5P elements as well at the top of H5P learning objects while in edit mode. These provide a means of quickly duplicating content to be tweaked for a new purpose. Please note that if you experience issues moving content with the Copy and Paste features, check the source learning object’s version in relation to the destination H5P.


H5P’s Reuse Feature Videos, https://h5p.org/reuse-h5p-content
How To Guide – reusing H5Ps, https://tinyurl.com/yv6m27vu

John Allan

John Allan

John is a Canadian who writes about learning object development and online facilitation from a teacher's perspective.

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  • Useful post !
    I think a lot of teachers miss this Reuse option, because they just aren’t quite sure what it’s for.
    It can definitely be a time-saver though 🙂


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