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Moodle plugin of the month – Group self-selection

Group in Moodle are powerful, and even mores with this cool plugin…

Usually only Teachers can create Groups within courses. This plugin allows Students to create their own Group and select Groups to join.

The man features include:

  • Students can create Groups, give them a description, and set them as password protected, if desired
  • Students can select and join Groups
  • Non-editing teachers can be assigned to Groups
  • Teachers can export course Group lists as a csv-file

The plugin has full compatibility with standard Moodle Groups and supports Group assignment submissions etc.

For those who don’t use Groups it’s unnecessary, but this is one of those plugins that can hugely enhance a course, if it’s the right features for what you need.

Plugin available here https://moodle.org/plugins/mod_groupselect

Excellent documentation available here https://docs.moodle.org/34/en/Group_self-selection_module

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