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Doing good with Gamification

News of the Heartbleed Bug and the many viruses created in recent years has always amazed me…

in the amount of intelligence and effort that goes into creating these destructive programs and exploiting system vulnerabilities used to inconvenience or harm others.

I would hope that instead this kind of effort could be put to better uses. One of these uses I found recently in an article on How a Game Helps Disadvantaged Women and Children Around the World, which explains how the Half the Sky Movement has created a game to not only raise awareness of the plight of disadvantaged women and children but to provide help in several different ways.

When I was a teacher, this is the type of example I would want to show my students on how what they do have fun and what they create as future programers could be used not only for education, but to make a better world in any way small or large.

I hope this example might be helpful to other teachers still working in the classroom. If you have others, please post them to comments to share.


Paula Clough
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Paula Clough

A "retired teacher". Thirty two years experience in Education. 10 years with Moodle in K-12 and college levels.

One thought on “Doing good with Gamification

  • I wasn’t aware of this specific project.

    But then again I’ve been surrounded by amazing females for yeas – Anna, Maryel, Teresa, Paula, Haidee, Miriam, Sophie, Emily… the list goes on ! Maybe I’m just lucky, or maybe I’ve always subconsciously recognised the skills, warmth, intelligence, and approach of the girls ?

    Anything that raises awareness, and more importantly opportunity, is good. The games are a very nice idea 🙂


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