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Font of the month – July 2017

Following on from ‘Fonts of the month – June 2017‘, this month’s font is ‘Henny Penny‘ – it’s a bit wacky and brought a smile to my face when I first saw it:

Font of the month - July 2017 - Henny Penny

It makes the headings of your site a little different.  I don’t believe that it is suitable for the body text though.

In creating the post I realised that I needed a quicker way of updating my Shoelace theme to use custom fonts.  So instead of having to change the code I’ve added in a new setting:

Font of the month - July 2017 - New Shoelace font settings

which replaces the old ‘CDN’ on / off setting.  This is an example of how user need drives development functionality.  It also makes you question the existing functionality and consider what you do and don’t really need.  So… are there parts of Moodle that are never used?  Do you know of any?  If so, should they be removed or are they things that you don’t use now but may do in the future?

This new ‘fontselect’ setting will be published in the next release of the Shoelace theme for Moodle 3.3 – probably version (a beta version) or (a stable version if I think the theme is so).

Gareth Barnard
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Gareth Barnard

Gareth is a developer of numerous Moodle Themes including Essential (the most popular Moodle Theme ever), Foundation, and other plugins such as course formats, including Collapsed Topics.

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