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Moodle Course Creator Certificate – final statistics

The Moodle Course Creator Certificate (MCCC) officially ended on 31st December 2018.

The Moodle Course Creator Certificate (MCCC) is being replaced by the Moodle Educator Certificate (MEC).

I’ve been acting as Moodle Certification Manager since 2006, but it’s time to move on to other things now…

In terms of sharing the final data regarding MCCC… (+/-1% error)

  • Over the lifetime of MCCC there were 1,644 successful candidates. In terms of regions:
    • Asia-Pacific: 186 (9%)
    • Middle East: 39 (2%)
    • Europe: 636 (40%)
    • Central and South America: 468 (30%)
    • North America & Canada: 264 (15%)
    • Africa: 45 (1%)
    • Unspecified: 7 (>0.5%)
  • Successful candidates were from 79 different countries. The most popular countries for candidates were:
    • USA (173)
    • Columbia (153)
    • Spain (149)
    • Greece (143)
    • Mexico (131)
    • Canada (91)
    • Germany (85)
    • Australia (78)
    • New Zealand (68)
  • The individual Moodle Partners with most candidates were:
    • Central Certification (no Moodle Partner in candidate’s country): 556
    • Remote-Learner (USA): 163
    • CV&A (Spain): 150
    • Nivel7 (Mexico): 142
    • WideServices (Greece): 130
    • eLeDia (Germany): 111
    • EduLabs (Colombia): 81
    • Open2Know (Canada): 48

The recommended fee for MCCC was between $AU200 and $AU600 (this was to enable Moodle Partners in different countries to provide the MCCC at a realistic fee for their region). If we take an average of $AU400, and multiply this by 1,644 candidates ($AU657,600) and then calculate 10% royalties (standard Moodle Partner commission rate), the final figure is $AU65,760 – which is essentially the amount that MCCC candidates contributed directly to the Moodle project. Unofficially, my perception is that most Partners charged more than AU$400, so that figure is probably nearer the $AU100,000 mark.

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