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H5P’s Column feature

Following up on the March 13th post, H5P’s Course Presentation feature, I’d like to suggest that you consider another powerful learning object development tool from the H5P menu.  The Column feature has three superpowers including:

  • The learning objects are presented in a responsive columnar, format that is provides fluid navigation for learning with mobile devices.
  • Currently, it allows developers to include 26 unique tools in one activity.
  • The complete Course Presentation feature can be embedded in a Column which offers more for the potential activities within a Column learning object.

We have recently been focusing on the Columns feature as our clients required B.Y.O.T. solutions for their learners who use Moodle.  H5P Column learning opportunities, imported into or developed within Moodle, display nicely when the Moodle Navigation Drawer is collapsed.

The H5P site provides a Column activity example if you want to see how it functions and appears on different devices.  We created a simple example activity about ice hockey without any bells and whistles as a demonstration for our client.

A learning objects created with the Columns feature can include the following utilities:

  • Accordion
  • Appear.in for Chat and Talk
  • Audio
  • Cloze (fill in the blanks)
  • Collage
  • Course Presentation
  • Documentation Tool
  • Drag and drop images
  • Drag and drop text
  • Tables
  • Text
  • Iframe Embedder
  • Image
  • Image Hotspots
  • Find the Hotspot
  • Interactive video
  • Hyperlinks
  • Mark the Words
  • Memory Game
  • Multiple Choice
  • Single Choice
  • Interactive Summary
  • Timeline
  • True or False Question
  • Twitter User feeds
  • Video

If you want to provide students with a theme or a unit of content, then the H5P Columns feature may be a solution.  There are ample activities that can be used via the H5P website or with a Moodle course.  To familiarize yourself with the H5P Column feature you can have a look at the H5P Column Example and download the activity to your H5P account page.  If a step by step guide is required, you can try this activity to become familiar with the basics of  developing an H5P Column basic development.

If you have tried the Column feature and have any advice for the community, please comment below.



John Allan

John Allan

John is a Canadian who writes about learning object development and online facilitation from a teacher's perspective.

3 thoughts on “H5P’s Column feature

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  • The column feature looks good – as if a H5P object is embedded on a Moodle course page (e.g. within a Label), it allows multiple H5P objects to be presented in a linear sequence.

    • Stuart, I agree that the presentation of a column in Moodle displays nicely in and in a linear fashion. I tried three different ways to include an H5P column LO (learning object) in Moodle after reading your comment as I had not considered embedding one into a label or page or anything else.
      1) Developing the column LO on the H5P website, embedding (HTML) in a Label – The display is ok but it takes up a lot of real estate on the course home page.
      2) Developing the H5P column LO using the H5P plug in in Moodle – It is a single line link on the course home page and the display is superior in terms of scale.
      3) Developing the column LO on the H5P website, downloading it and uploading it to the Moodle H5P plug in – It is a single line link on the course home page and the display is superior in terms of scale.

      I might be missing something here, I hope this is useful. 🙂

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