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Moodle plugins updated

Are you aware of our free Moodle plugins demo site?  Almost 100 plugins fully functioning you can test for free!

Head on over to https://plugins.moodlebites.com

There are almost 100 selected plugins you can actually try for free !

This is really useful if:

  • You are a Moodle administrators, or want to see what the plugins really do, without having to install them on your own live site yet, or
  • You are not a Moodle administrator, and therefore cannot install plugins, but would like to see what they do.

We have just updated a number of plugins, including:

  • Booking
  • Group Choice
  • Group self-selection
  • HotPot
  • Journal
  • Questionnaire
  • Analytics graphs
  • Completion progress
  • Course contents

We add one or two new plugins each month, based on what is new and exciting, or very popular, and update the site to new version of Moodle once a year.

This is a free site from HRDNZ (Moodle Partner since 2006), that anyone can use 🙂

If you like what HRDNZ do, please consider joining a course at https://www.moodlebites.com – thanks !

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