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Moodle question bank new tagging feature

Do you have lots of question bank questions? Maybe tagging can hep you organise them!

A new feature in Moodle 3.5 is the enhancements around tagging questions in the question bank.

You can of course organise questions into Categories – and if you are not doing that already you definitely should be πŸ˜‰

But the ability to tag questions, and search across Categories for the tags can be really useful.

This new feature was from the Moodle Users Association, and means tags can be added and filtered directly in the Question bank, and when adding random questions.

So now as an exmaple, you could search for questions with the tag “environment” and add these as 10 random questions – cool !

Manage Course Tags for Question

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One thought on “Moodle question bank new tagging feature

  • Anonymous

    This is really cool – can’t wait to have this available on our Moodle site. So now we can use Categories AND tags to create new quizzes from the main question bank – that will save us a lot of time πŸ™‚


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