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hen Emma Richardson posted the words “I do like the new Edit Mode button (especially the wording – nice job UX team!) – it makes much more sense to me to have it where it is and it will make it easier for the teachers to understand the purpose I think.” on the Moodle themes forum. This got me thinking again about the ‘Edit button’ and how it has been improved in M4.0 by Bas Brands in MDL-71610. In improving my Foundation theme, I’d decided to remove the ‘Edit mode’ words on the screen because of the space it took up, when once you know what it is, then you don’t need the description. Or do you? In this post I’ll consider this point.

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Three-state logic

When I first implemented the setting reset functionality of Collapsed Topics (CT), it allowed you to reset the settings of the course to the defaults as set by the administrator at the time. The reset functionality applies to the current course or can be applied to all courses by the administrator if desired. But this has the downside that when the defaults change then whole groups of settings need to be ‘reset’. What if you wanted to be able to only have one setting track the default? This is where ‘three-state’ logic comes in.

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