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Fonts of the month – June 2017

The font can have a big impact on the look and feel of your Moodle site.

It sets the tone and ’emotion’ that you wish to portray to your users.  So this month we will start by looking at four fonts using the Shoelace theme.  The first two are called ‘Varela Round‘ and ‘Cabin‘ and come with the theme.  Where ‘Varela Round’ is used for the headings and ‘Cabin’ the body text:

Shoelace theme with Varela Round headings and Cabin body text

Now if we change the theme to use two other fonts, ‘Fredoka for the headings and ‘Renner*‘ for the body text:

Shoelace theme with Fredoka headings and Renner* body text

What I like about Fredoka is that it stands out a little like inflated party balloons whist Renner* is very crisp and clear.  Varela Round is close to the look of Cabin and as they are both sans-serif fonts, thus not out of place in close proximity.  They complement each other whist still allowing headings to stand out and be different.

There are lots of free fonts you can use (and test drive) on ‘FontSquirrel‘, have a browse and think if one of them would be better in your theme for your learners.

Gareth Barnard
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Gareth Barnard

Gareth is a developer of numerous Moodle Themes including Essential (the most popular Moodle Theme ever), Foundation, and other plugins such as course formats, including Collapsed Topics.

2 thoughts on “Fonts of the month – June 2017

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  • In my ‘early life’ as a graphic designer I really enjoyed typography. I could show my age by telling everyone I actually learned how to use metal letters and leading (actually made of lead!) to construct pages for printing. Wow – that seems such old technology now. I had not heard of FontSquirrel before – so thanks so much for sharing Gareth – after even a quick glance I can tell immediately it’s going to be really useful !


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