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FREE introduction to H5P course launched !

HRDNZ have done it again, with a free course for H5P users…

Are you starting out on your H5P journey ?

Maybe you’ve heard about H5P, but not had the chance to fully investigate it yet ?

A brand new and completely free H5P course is now available to ElearningWorld readers from HRDNZ (certified Moodle Partner since 2006) via their well-known MoodleBites site.

Managing Director Stuart Mealor says:

H5P is one of the most interesting e-learning technologies to have and emerged gained prominence during the last few years. People using Moodle may have experienced H5P via a plugin, and others via plugins on WordPress. But for those new to H5P, it can be difficult to understand how it all ‘fits together’ and can be used effectively with Moodle as the Learning Management System.

Because H5P is now a core element of Moodle, being integrated into core from Moodle version 3.9, it becomes really important that teachers using Moodle can make best use of it within their courses. But exactly how and why to do this isn’t always so obvious.

This free course has been created to give anyone a ‘helping hand’ and let them see and try H5P, to get a first hand experience for what is possible. The free course also serves as a pre-requisite for our full H5P in Moodle course, which is four weeks in direction, and completely online.

The FREE H5P course is available here.

If you want to go further than the free introduction, the in-depth online course entitled H5P in Moodle is a four week long course, asynchronous, and fully facilitated. The course covers every aspect of H5P, all activities, including the advanced H5P content types such as Interactive Video, and Branching Scenario. The full H5P in Moodle course outline and details is available here.

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