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Moodle quiz Eliminator

Cross out incorrect options when answering questions!

I came across the following recently while reviewing some quiz question techniques and practices. It follows on quite nicely from my earlier post about multiple choice quiz questions.

The thanks goes to https://moodleformulas.org – some enterprising maths teachers out there using Moodle for sure !

Young students may be performing more poorly on multiple choice Moodle quizzes than on multiple choice paper tests. This would be largely because young students like to cross out answers and can’t keep track of this in their heads with multiple choice Moodle quizzes.

A workaround is proposed below that creates an “eliminator”, that is, a way of discarding or crossing out choices, in order to help learners keep their desired choice, and ultimately a correct answer.

The workaround works as follows:

  • The student clicks on the text of the answers to toggle: black or strikethrough-through.
  • The strike-through line reminds the student that they have eliminated these choices.
  • Once they have eliminated incorrect answers, the student clicks on the radio buttons to select the answer.

This is how a learner might approach a paper-based quiz – crossing out each incorrect answer, to focus in on the correct options.

The workaround involves adding HTML code to each choice – so it’s a manual process, but depending on the context, and if you are reusing questions in quizzes cleverly by using the question bank, it could be worth the time.

The link above gives a couple of examples, and I like the version with a red wavy line, and this is the code:

<div style="display:inline-block;">
<input type="radio" id="EliminatorChoice" style="display:none;">
<label for="EliminatorChoice">
<span onclick="if(this.style.textDecoration=='line-through wavy red'){this.style.textDecoration='none';}else{this.style.textDecoration='line-through wavy red';}" style="text-decoration: none;"> CHOICE TEXT </span>

You can simply copy and paste this into an answer, and change the text “CHOICE TEXT” and replace it with the answer.

Very nice eh?

That’s so much to https://moodleformulas.org for sharing this !

I really couldn’t resist this photo, as I love ZZ Top, Image of ZZ Top and the “Eliminator” hot rod credit: Robert Alford]

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