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Try out 50 top Moodle plugins!

Completely free and easy to use – the HRDNZ Moodle plugins site…

Did you know HRDNZ (Certified Moodle Partner since 2006, and the organisation behind Elearningworld) have a completely free and open site with over 50 of the best Moodle plugins you can use to evaluate their potential for your own Moodle site.

It’s an awesome site !

Although Moodle Administrators may be able to read-up on plugins, and if they have a test site install them to test, for 99.9% of teachers, being able to see what various plugins do is almost impossible – they don’t have the ability to install them.

So HRDNZ created the site https://plugins.moodlebites.com (a sub-domain of the main online Moodle courses site https://www.moodlebites.com).

If you visit https://plugins.moodlebites.com you can try out more than 50 of the most popular plugins for Moodle !

The site is setup so you don’t even need to create an account – just use the Teacher and Student accounts that are available – simple.

It’s a wonderful site, and gives anyone interested in plugins a chance to see them in action. To support the ongoing growth of the site, consider taking one of the HRDNZ MoodleBites courses 🙂

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