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The jigsaw of the day…

In a course we have a main facilitator and some guest facilitators, who by habit rated some student posts, while they shouldn’t… So I would like (as admin) to remove the unnecessary rates.¬†

How can I remove a rate from a post?

I haven’t thought it before, but since this issue arose today I thought to take a look at Moodle documentation.

Well… as suspected I din’t found anything in the forum settings page, nor in the forum FAQs…

But since Moodle is relying in the Community, the next move I did was to write this down in the FAQ talk page.

Few hours later fairy Mary (Mary Cooch) had already incorporated this into the FAQ list among with a temporary solution…

Voilà! https://docs.moodle.org/33/en/Forum_FAQ#How_can_I_remove_a_rating_from_a_forum_post.3F

Ahhh! The power of the Community! approve

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