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Are you ready for MEC?

6 + 1 questions and answers for Moodle Educator Certificate Program.

Yes!!! …hmm, well… I am not so sure… what is MEC?

MEC stands for Moodle Educator Certificate Program and is the new certification program created by Moodle HQ. MEC is offered exclusively through Moodle Partners!

Ok, so MEC is a new name for MCCC?

MEC is not just a new name for the previous Moodle certification scheme – MCCC (Moodle Course Creator Certificate). It is a whole new certification program that provides multiple certification pathways including Core, Teaching Approach, and Comprehensive Certification.
Right now only the Core Certification is available, while we expect the other two certifications to begin later this year.
MEC integrates key concepts of the Relational Model for Teaching and Learning (© 2017 Solange Lalonde), the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators, and UNESCO’s curriculum development framework.

So what?

Following the DigCompEdu framework, MEC has been created in 22 digital competency-focused modules. Each module focuses on a specific digital competence that today’s educators must have.
The main difference from the previous scheme is that the focus is in teaching, while Moodle is treated as the medium that educators will use to demonstrate these competencies.

You mean if I take this MEC, I won’t start from the how-to use Moodle?

By default no. MEC is a certificate designed for people who already know Moodle and want to prove that they use it effectively within their courses.
BUT Moodle Parters may combine MEC with Moodle training courses.
So for example if you decide to take MEC with HRDNZ Moodle Partner, you will be also registered in the MoodleBites for Teachers (MB4T) training courses. These Moodle training courses will cover your knowledge gaps and will prepare you for MEC.

That’s interesting, but MB4T courses plus 6 MEC modules are a lot… I am afraid I’ll be studying for ages!

Well not for ages, but you are going to need 8 weeks to complete MB4T courses and 6 more weeks to complete the modules for the MEC Core Certification. For these 14 weeks you should estimate about 3-5 hours studying per week.
But if you can invest more time per week, about 10 hours per week, then you may take the MEC Core Certification and MoodleBites for Teachers fast-track – courses in parallel and complete both of them in 8 weeks! This is not the recommended pathway, as it’s a lot of work.

Yay! I like that! But I am not sure if I can afford it… 8 training courses and six MEC modules are a lot!

Don’t worry! For 2019, the total MEC fee in HRDNZ Moodle Parter is just US$499 (including 8 MB4T courses + 6 MEC modules)!

Great! Where do I start?

That’s easy! Click the button below to complete the registration form!

You may choose from any of the following start dates:

  • 1st February
  • 1st April
  • 1st June
  • 1st August
  • 1st October (fast-track option only)

Note that the course content is in English, but in HRDNZ MEC is supported by facilitators who speak: English, French, German, Greek, and Danish. This means your assignments can be completed in these languages!

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