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FreeMoodle.org birthday

As many of my friends and people in the Moodle community know, I started the FreeMoodle.org website 3 yeas ago.

The site was started after my wife Haidee Foxwell passed away on April 12th 2011, but rather than focus on the saddest of days, we adopted 28th April, Haidee’s birthday, as the official birthday of FreeMoodle.org.  Haidee was central to HRDNZ, and was co Director.  More important than this, she was the first MCCC in the world, mentored many subsequent candidates, and she later worked with and supported other Moodle Partners around the world.  Haidee helped organise the Moodle Moot conference in New Zealand each year, and presented at Moodle conferences around the world.

You can read about the FreeMoodle project here, but essential it is providing completely free Moodle hosting (no strings attached) for any course that is open and free to others.  Haidee was the first PHM (Particularly Helpful Moodler) in our company, something she was rightly very proud of, and spurred others on to achieve this.  It’s this spirit of sharing, helping others, and giving opportunities to educators and learners that Haidee loved so much, and it’s fitting that we remember her each year at this time.  FreeMoodle.org is a living tribute to her, and in a way from her, and I will continue to develop the site following the ethics and approach that were so important to her.

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

Stuart is interested in all things e-learning, with specific interests in Moodle, e-learning strategy, and business development. His experience in education over 30 years, MBA in International Business, and knowledge of e-learning systems implementation, together with graphic design background, give him a unique skill set for e-learning projects.

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