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H5P.com update scheduled for 13th November 2020

Some exciting new updates for H5P.com users…

Quite a few interesting improvements in this upgrade, including:

  1. It will now be possible to filter drilldown reports by “context”. Typically this will mean filtering by course, but it depends a little on the LMS and the LMS setup as to what kind of context you can filter on. Also note that the names of the different contexts may not be present for existing reports, but will sync for all current and upcoming courses as they are being used.
  2. H5P.com will be integrated with Microsoft OneNote so that if you paste a link (not embed code, but a direct link) to your content in OneNote, OneNote will automatically embed the content on the OneNote page.
  3. H5P.com will be integrated with Panopto so that if you paste a Panopto video link, Panopto videos may be used the same way as YouTube videos.
  4. New content type for creating QR codes.
  5. Accessibility improvements (You may define languages for parts of your text in the rich text editor, while the iframes are getting a language and title attributes).
  6. Fix cookie related problems when using LTI for students.
  7. Improved mobile view for public content.
  8. Improve authoring performance when working with many or large files.
  9. Ensure that Wiris formula renders inline when it is supposed to. Currently Wiris formulas are always shown as blocks.
  10. Some status messages and warnings have been made more prominent.
  11. Add an option for using the LTI user ID in the xAPI statements.
  12. Improved performance for large folder structures.
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