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H5P+Moodle starting today! 1st June

Today is the last day you can register for the Moodle+H5P course.

This course starts TODAY, 1st June, and we will process any last-minute enrolments with 24 hours if you missed out on this course start date.

Moodle and H5P is an awesome combination, but understanding how to get the best from both is not so easy.

When should you use a Moodle Quiz, and when should you use a H5P question content type?

What’s the best option – a Moodle Lesson, or a H5P Branching Scenario?

And how do you integrate the H5P content so it “sits within” the wider Moodle course design and resources smoothly?

Find out the answers to the above, and much, much more!

This four week H5P+Moodle course is completely online, asynchronous, and facilitated by Stuart Mealor.

If you have never used H5P before you will be OK in the course, but if you have some initial experience using H5P already you will get even more out of the experience 🙂

You can read the course outline here and register on the www.moodlebites.com site – just go to the Course Outlines menu, and choose ‘Register for a course’.

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