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Moodle Quiz question – multi choice

One of the most flexible question types in Moodle…

Moodle provides you with a lot of flexibility when creating this question type. You can create single-answer or multiple-answer questions, include pictures, audio or other media (such as a movie) in the questions.

You can even add this type of media in answers too, although you need to insert HTML.

There are small differences between single answer and multiple answer, for example multiple answer questions now offer the learner an option to clear all answers, once they have made a selection – good for when you “change your mind” before hitting the continue button!

Answers can have different weights, and also negative scores – to ensure people don’t just check every option hoping for a good score 😉 And if you are allowing multiple attempts at a question you can apply a penalty factor – so a correct answer after three attempts is not worth quite the same as getting it right first time 😉

There are lots of feedback options too – and a good teacher will put as much effort into feedback as the question. If a student gets a choice wrong, how can we make this a learning opportunity? Maybe point them to some revision material, or further reading?

Of course some quizzes are assessment type tests, and in this case we might not want to give the correct answer, or need to give further help.

Bear in mind that the questions in the Moodle Lesson activity are different.

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