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Interesting uses for Quizzes in Moodle

Over the next few blogs, I’m going to share some interesting uses for some of the Moodle modules.

Some of these uses are useable for other learning systems as well, so open up your horizons and enjoy.  I would appreciate your comments with any of your ideas as well.

The first thing I would like to share is using timing and unlimited attempts in the quiz.

Building speed of knowledge use.  (Sheila Voss and Trish Ferree):

Sheila used a quiz with vocabulary questions to try to make sure that her students knew the vocabulary definitions well. Her students were mostly second language learners and she wanted them to know them well enough to hopefully begin to use them in their spoken and written language. Practice quiz was set up with unlimited attempts and the same timing that would be on the final test. Students took the quiz and set their own goals for grades and the amount of time the quiz should take them less than the timer. Some students worked a lot harder than was expected as they competed against themselves for better times and scores.  When the students were ready, they took the final test.

Another advantage is that the teacher is able to keep an eye on student progress and meet with those who might need help in finding better study strategies.

Trish used random questions pulling out of categories to set up timed tests for students to practice their math facts.  Again the quiz was set with unlimited attempts and timing so that students could try to get more complete each time.  Students enjoyed working on this online and trying to better their score.  More categories could be used in later  quizzes to review the previous levels.

Video timing

Reports in a course can tell the instructor if a student viewed a video link but not how long they were actually there.  Embedding a video into a quiz either in the description item or a question will give a total for the time the student was in the quiz in the quiz results report that the teacher can see.  There has to be at least one question to save the quiz.

Having been a classroom teacher for many years, I love to collect ideas. I hope some of you will add some ideas to my collection!

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  • I had never thought of put a movie in a Quiz question, to get an idea of the time a student spent viewing it – nice idea!


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