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Keep your Elearningworld App up to date

Android users … keep your ElearningWorld App up to date…

Are you one of those people who have a red notifications icon reminding you to update apps on your mobile device?

Are you like me, and you turn off automatic updating – because you travel a lot and don’t want updates chewing through your mobile data allowance, or your free WiFi voucher at a motel for example?

All good 🙂

But don’t forget to check your ElearningWorld App and keep it up-to-date now and again.

The App is actually quite small (around 25Mb), and we do refine the app every few months, to give you a better experience and new features.

You can install our free ElearningWorld App from the Google Play Store.

(Apple iOS users can head on over to the Apple App Store on one of your iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) and search for “elearningworld”. Alternatively, just click this link to go straight there).

ElearningWorld App updates on Android

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