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License our Moodle courses onto your own server

Did you know you can save thousands of hours and $’s by licensing our MoodleBites courses on your own site?If you are using Moodle, and have more than a few staff who require training, you might be interested in our MoodleBites licensing agreement, which allows you to restore copies of our professional level courses to your own servers?

Key features of licensing our courses include:

  • It’s a one-off purchase – and the courses are then yours, to do with whatever you want* (some limitations, see below).  For a small additional fee you can get updates every year.
  • There are 3 fee tiers appropriate for small, medium, and large organisations.
  • Course are ‘white labelled’ – meaning that when you restore them to your Moodle server they look like YOUR own work!  There is no hard-coding of styles, so the courses instantly take on your Theme and site appearance.
  • Courses are designed to be completely modular, with set topics self-contained in each of the 8 courses.
  • Each course is modular, with content arranged in Topics – meaning you can instantly hide and move Topics as you require.
  • Because the courses are yours once purchased, you are completely free to edit and add content as you wish without any

The only limitations of the license are that a) you can’t use them with people outside of your organisation, and b) you cannot sell or give the courses to others.

If you are interested in discussing licensing, please email our Helpdesk to discuss your best options: helpdesk[AT]hrdnz.com

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